When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we at Q doctor were already supplying locum GPs to practices around the country, and so had already invested heavily in connecting up virtual PCs (computers that run securely 'in the cloud') to the NHS network, so that our Digital Locum doctors could use their own computer to instantly and securely access practice Clinical Systems nationwide.

Immediately it became apparent that this was a useful secure solution for clinicians working remotely due to increased remote consultations during the pandemic, but also for those self-isolating but well. We were able to allow hundreds of clinicians to continue working with their own hardware, securely from home, within days of lockdown beginning.

Now this solution is being employed at scale as part of the 'new normal'. Whether or not your clinicians use our video consulting platform, using our pre-setup virtual PCs (vPCs) means as an organisation you can:

✔️ Standardise software setup

✔️ Have all necessary software pre-installed instantly on new virtual machines

✔️ Remove hardware purchase and maintenance costs

✔️ Remove VPN costs (if choosing the HSCN connected option)

✔️ Automate firewall and anti-virus security

As a clinician you can:

✔️ Use your own computer for NHS work, securely

✔️ Always be up-to-date (remove the need for IT instructions on updates/new installations)

✔️ Remove the need for VPN setup and login (with HSCN connected option)

✔️ Use an existing smartcard reader OR start using a Virtual Smartcard (subject to your local Registration Authority permission)

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